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Increasingly popular “Stealth look”

Most people thinking of buying a new car will imagine it with a shiny glossy look. However, in recent years, “stealth look” is increasingly popular, and those who want to be different usually choose matte car wraps.

“Stealth look” literally means “hidden look”, which implies that a car doesn’t glow with its shiny paint, but it has a matte finish which should be less noticeable. However, matte car wraps due to its unique look are far from being “less noticeable”, but draw even much more attention.

Matte car wraps give a car “a raw look” accentuating every part of its design, its line and surface. Generally, they are in black or grey color.

Matte colors originally have been used for luxurious cars and they are still rare on the market. The reason for that is a more complicated production process. Matte paint finish is more difficult to achieve than a traditional glossy look, which make matte car more expensive.

A simpler and more affordable way to achieve “stealth” look is car wrapping. In only 1 day you may have a completely different brand new car.

Check out some of our “stealth looks”.