How to preserve your car’s original paint and shine?

There is nothing more appealing than factory new car with its original shine. However it doesn’t last forever, and there is a way to protect your car. Over time cars lose their freshness due to dirt and minor damages of everyday driving, which affect car’s look and value.

Regular and proper cleaning, waxing and polishing of your car will help you keep its original paint, temporarily restoring its freshness and shine.

However, neither waxing nor polishing cannot protect your favorite car from scratches caused by nicks and regular wear and tear.

If you really want to protect your car from mechanical damages and preserve its paint and shine, the best solution is Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Although completely invisible, this film is the most efficient shield for your car’s paint, which will make car scratches thing of the past.

Paint protection films (PPF) shield top layers of your car’s original paint from scratches such as door scratches or nicks, road salt and sand, as well as from everyday paint damages.

Their best feature is the possibility of regeneration. With self-healing paint protection films car scratches will be gone, because these films are capable of repairing themselves when exposed to sunlight.

Paint protection films are usually installed partially in order to protect the areas of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage such as hood, side-view mirrors, bumpers, fenders and doors, but you can also have a full car wrap.

The installed films have 3, or even 10 year warranty which depends on the producer. In this way your car will look factory new for a longer period of time.

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