Shade that makes the difference

With quick and simple installation of head/stoplight film covers any car will get a unique look.

Head/stoplight film covers


    Invisible protection film

    Light and dark grey films

    Different film colors

Headlight tinting and toning

Films for headlight tinting and toning are becoming more popular. With quick and simple application of head/stoplight film covers your car will get a unique look.

Head/stoplight film covers are available in different colors and finishes, however, light or dark grey films which give headlights on your car the tinted effect, are the most popular among our customers.

Transparency (light transmittance) of headlight film covers is around 90% and less, depending on the film shade and the tint percentage. Headlights tinting is not prohibited by law; there are also factory installed tinted headlights (e.g. Opel Astra opc).

Headlight tinting benefits

We recommend exclusively headlight film covers because it is the only way to achieve a uniform and consistent color (unlike using headlight tint spray when the color may not be evenly distributed).

Oracal headlight film covers are made with PVC material, and they have excellent UV and temperature resistance (low and high temperatures).

All types of head/stoplight film covers, and especially LLumar, protect from various outdoor conditions. Those are invisible films which shield your car from nicks and other minor road damages. Find out more about paint protection films on >>>

Installation procedure of headlight film covers

Black Glass provides a tinting service for all sorts of head/stoplights. Headlight film covers are self-adhesive films which are shaped with heat gun.

If your headlights are damaged we recommend polishing before application. If you ever decide that you wish to remove headlight film covers, the removal process is easy and damage-free.

Headlight tinting procedure in Black Glass takes approximately 15 min a headlight. For headlight tinting and toning Black Glass issues 1 year warranty, while invisible protection films have 5 year warranty.

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