Black Glass®

Black Glass is a specialized service for replacement and reparation of car glasses and leader in installation of automotive and architectural glass films

Black Glass was established in 2006 in Belgrade. Today, Black Glass is a leader in film installation and the only tint shop in Serbia licensed by Llumar, American manufacturer, world leader in both quality of production and number of films sold.

Black Glass is a registered and protected brand representing the guarantee of quality for top-notch materials and installation.

Car wrapping

Black Glass installs car-wrapping films, which allow a quick and simple change of color of any vehicle, complete or partial, without painting. Car wraps are resistant to low and high temperatures and require no special maintenance.
Car wraps are available in a wide range of colurs and nuances. Classic gloss colored films yield a "new car" look, while non-standard matt films, carbon, chrome and other decorative films, as well as specially designed branding films, give a unique appearance. Car wraps can also be used on certain parts of the vehicle interior.
Mechanical damage protection:
Installing completely transparent LLumar protective films renders vehicles resistant to mechanical damage. The films protect the vehicle paint from scratches, such as from doors being hit in parking lots or damage from pebbles bouncing from roads, but also from salt and sand in the winter, as well as from the regular wear and tear. They are most frequently installed on new, or newly painted vehicles to protect them from the very start. They are commonly installed partially, on those areas of the vehicle most open to damage, such as bonnet, rear view mirrors, bumpers, sides and doors.
Headlight films:
Headlights can also be covered by a film in a desired color and shade; for this purpose, special transparent films are used that let the light through while simultaneously giving headlights a new look and new color.

Window tinting

Black Glass uses American LLumar films, which are certified and provide top quality heat and UV protection. LLumar films are produced in a wide variety of shades, from completely transparent to completely dark and come with a 10-year warranty. The films are installed on the interior side of the windows and the installation process in Black Glass takes about an hour.
Heat protection:
Driving in bright sunshine causes fatigue, eye strain and has a significant impact on the driver's concentration. A shade effect can be achieved by installing protective films on the car windows. LLumar films, installed by Black Glass, reduce the temperature by up to 15 ºC, making the vehicle interior cooler and more comfortable. In addition, reducing the temperature lowers fuel consumption, due to a decreased use of air conditioning.
UV protection:
The glass used for car windows already partially filters UV rays, but with the installation of tint films, maximum UV protection is achieved. Black Glass installs LLumar car tints that block up to 99.5% of UV radiation, which is why they are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as efficient protection during driving. Although it is frequently believed that only dark films protect from UV radiation, tests show that lightly toned or completely transparent LLumar films afford the same level of UV and heat protection as the dark shades.
Shatter protection:
The films reinforce the glass, increasing its shatter resistance and providing protection in case of breaking. Films are installed on the interior surface, holding the glass in place and preventing shards from scattering in case of accident.

Auto glass repair and replacement

Black Glass offers professional auto glass repair and replacement for all types of passenger vehicles. Our team consists of experienced certified technicians who keep up to date all the latest trends and installation techniques.
Auto glass repair:
Black Glass is able to fix various windshield damages. Minor damages (line, star, dot, eye) can be repaired bringing back the original properties of the car glass.
Auto glass replacement:
Black Glass installs windshields, side and back windows on all types of passenger vehicles. In Black Glass quality comes first. That is why we install only top quality glasses of the world’s most famous car glass manufacturers such as: Pilkington, Guardian, NordGlass, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, AGC, HS, XYG, FYAO. These companies produce original factory glasses for the biggest car manufacturers, so that you can be sure that the new glass on your car will have all the same properties of the factory installed glass. Production quality of these glasses ensure their durability, great optical properties, soundproof windows and first of all safety for the driver and the passengers.

During the installation process we use top quality professional tools and next generation adhesives which guarantee safe and comfortable driving without unpleasant noise. That is why we offer 10 year written warranty at an affordable price or even free of charge up to the amount covered by your auto insurance.

Installation of flat glass films

Protective window films have been a standard in office buildings for a while, but they are now increasingly installed in residential buildings, as well as all other types of buildings. Black Glass installs American LLumar films, which meet all international quality standards, have foreign and domestic certificates and come with a 10 year warranty.
Protection from heat and energy efficiency:
Windows play an important role in regulating heat and preserving energy. LLumar films, installed by Black Glass, reflect solar heat radiation from the external surface of the glass, lowering the temperature of the interior up to 15ºC in the summer heat, reducing air conditioning costs. In addition, the films prevent heat loss as well, reducing the heating costs in the winter.
UV protection:
In sunny rooms, glare can significantly impact work concentration. LLumar films, installed by Black Glass, block up to 99.5% of UV radiation and reduce glare up to 87%, facilitating computer use or TV watching.
Shatter protection:
Films can eliminate or prevent danger and damage caused by broken glass. LLumar safety films allow for optical clarity but also provide a strong barrier to keep the broken glass in place.
LLumar decorative films allow for a quick and easy decoration of homes or business premises. In addition to enhancing interior design, the films can serve as visual separators for rooms separated by glass panels.