According to your liking

Tastes differ and selections are infinite. If you don’t find the exact color or specific pattern that you’re looking for, at Black Glass you always have an option to get films printed based on your custom-designed pattern.

Car films

Paint protection films

The first scratch "hurts" the most! Spare yourself and forget car scratches! With invisible paint protection films you can keep you car’s original paint looking brand new.

Paint protection films (PPF) shield top layers of your car’s original paint from scratches such as door scratches or nicks, road salt and sand, as well as from everyday wear and tear.

Color change wraps

Full car wraps give your car a fresh new look. It takes only 1 day to make your car look factory new once again.

You may choose among different film types and colors, full car wrapping, partial wrapping of selected areas of your car such as roof, hood, side-view mirrors, or wrapping of selected parts of your car’s interior.

Lux car wraps

With lux car wraps your car simply can not go unnoticed. With a proper film choice and professional installation your car will turn into a piece of art.

Lux car wraps are carbon wraps, brushed metal wraps such as aluminum and titanium, and the most luxurious chrome wraps.

Branded wraps

With branded autographic wrap films everything you can imagine is possible. Unleash your imagination, and we are here to make your wishes come true!

From design services, printing and cutting, to partial or full car wrap, we will do everything to make your vehicle your best moving ad.

Window tinting

Due to climate changes, window tints have become necessary accessories for all drivers. Driving at peak sunlight causes fatigue and affects the driver as well as all passengers.

With tinted windows the vehicle interior becomes cooler and more comfortable. LLumar window films significantly reduce heat, protect against harmful UV rays, reinforce the glass and enhance the car’s appearance.

Headlight and stoplight film covers

Films for headlight tinting and toning are becoming more popular. With quick and simple application of head/stoplight film covers your car will get a unique look.

Head/stoplight film covers are available in different colors and finishes, however, light or dark grey films which give headlights on your car the tinted effect, are the most popular among our customers.