Make car scratches the thing of a past

Invisible paint protection films provide your car’s protection against nicks, salt, and other types of paint damages.

Paint protection films

STANDARD PPF films ***

Paint scratch protection
Resistance to stains


PREMIUM PPF films ****

Paint scratch protection
Self-healing paint protection film
Strong resistance to stains and other types of dirt


PLATINUM PPF films *****

Pint scratch protection
Self-healing paint protection film
Strong resistance to stains and other types of dirt
Hydrophobic surface

Protect your car’s paint and shine

The first scratch "hurts" the most! Spare yourself and forget car scratches! With invisible paint protection films you can keep you car’s original paint looking brand new.

Paint protection films (PPF) shield top layers of your car’s original paint from scratches such as door scratches or nicks, road salt and sand, as well as from everyday paint damages.

Paint protection film for car

Paint protection films protect your car from scratches such as those caused by bug splatter and road damages.

Any defect that may occur to the film will remain on the film, while the original car’s paint will remain undamaged. The films can be easily removed or replaced. There is also paint protection film that self-heals with heat, so you don't have to change it in case of scratches.

This is a crystal clear polyurethane film with excellent resistance and adaptability. In addition to pain protection effect, this film will enhance your car’s original look, making it more shiny and attractive.

LLumar Premium self-healing paint protection films

LLumar paint protection films contain self-healing mechanism which means that you don’t have to change the films if damaged.

With self-healing paint protection films car scratches will be gone, because these films are capable of repairing themselves when exposed to sunlight. The only thing you have to do is to take your car and enjoy driving in sunlight.

LLumar films are produced by the American company Eastman. LLumar Premium PPF films have 5 year warranty. They are available in glossy and matte finishes.

New LLumar Platinum paint protection film

New LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film shields against nicks and scratches. Platinum PPF is made by using special Hydrogard™ techonology. In addition to self-healing mechanism, this protective film has a water resistant coating which enhances its resistance and durability.

The innovative hydrophobe polymer top layer provides an excellent resistance to stains and other types dirt. It protects the paint from oil, and tar residues, insects and other types of minor abrasions, which enhances the film’s durability.

LLumar Platinum PPF have 10 year warranty,

Installation procedure of Paint Protection Films

Pain protection films are designed to be applied on brand new or freshly painted cars as a protection against scratches and nicks.

Paint protection films are usually installed partially in order to protect the areas of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage such as hood, side-view mirrors, bumpers, fenders and doors, but you can also have a full car wrap.

High-quality protection films are crystal clear so that they seem as an invisible bur protective shield. When properly installed by professionally trained and certified installers, the films maintain their original clarity and shine.

Pain Protection Films are easily maintained - wash, wax and polish your car as usual.

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