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Luxurious car wraps will make your car a piece of art.

Luxurious car wraps



Colors: black or grey carbon
Colored carbon – on demand



Titanium – dark grey
Aluminum – light grey



Colors: silver, gold,
blue, red, green

Car wraps which impart luxury

A car wrapped with a luxurious wrap film can not go unnoticed. With a proper film choice and professional installation your car will turn into a piece of art.

Lux car wraps are carbon wraps, brushed metal wraps such as aluminum and titanium, and the most luxurious chrome wraps.

Black Glass will give you 5 year warranty for the installation of lux car wraps.

Carbon car wraps

Due to their 3D texture, carbon car wraps will give any type of car a unique look. They are usually applied on selected parts of cars in order to enhance and accentuate their look.

Carbon car wraps are very often used for wrapping selected areas of car’s interior, giving them a luxurious new look.

Carbon car wraps are available in different colors- however black or grey carbon wraps are among the most popular.

Brushed metal wraps

Brushed metal finishes are among the most powerful car wraps. Brushed aluminum has a light grey shade, while brushed titanium is of a darker grey color.

Not only do they look powerful, but they also have real titanium and aluminum textures, which make the wrapped cars look more dominant.

They are used for full and partial car wrapping, as well as for wrapping of the selected parts of car’s interior.

Chrome car wraps

Chrome car wraps are the most luxurious car wraps which attract greatest attention.

Their effect is most accentuated with full car wraps, usually applied on very luxurious cars.

Silver and gold shades are among the most popular, but they are also available in red, blue and green. These wraps are available on demand.