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Glossy, matte, metal, metallic or pearl colored wraps for the car that you can imagine.

Color change wraps



    Effect: glossy or matte


    Effect: metal, metallic, pearl


Full car wrap will give your car a fresh new look. It takes only 1 day to make your car look factory new once again.

You may choose among different film types and colors, full car wrapping, partial wrapping of selected areas of your car such as roof, hood, side-view mirrors, or wrapping of selected parts of your car’s interior.

Black Glass uses top quality films such as: LLumar, Oracal, Avery, Hexis, 3M, Grafityp and Arlon. These producers offer a wide variety of color change wraps which may be of standard and premium quality.

Standard car wraps

Standard car wraps are available in basic colors, which may have glossy or matte finish.

Glossy car wraps will give your car a classic freshly painted look, so that make it appear factory new once again.

If you want a classic, elegant, but still different and attractive look for your car, matte car wraps may be the wright choice for you. In recent years these car wraps have become more and more popular.

Black Glass issues a 3 year warranty for standard car wraps.

Premium car wraps

For those who want more accentuated shades of their favorite colors, our recommendation are premium car wraps.

Premium car wraps are available in a wide variety of colors with different finishes: metal, metallic or pearl. The most popular premium car wraps among our customers are matte metallic grey and blue, as well as white pearl wrap which has a shiny pearlescent look.

Black Glass issues a 5 year warranty for the installation of premium car wraps.

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