Combination of extensive knowledge from certified experts in tint installation as well as the vast experience on different types of cars guarantee top-quality service.

Leader in car wrapping

    Over 10.000 m2 of films installed

    The only Llumar-licensed tint shop in Serbia
    Full car wrap in 1 day
    3-10 years with a certificate in writing
    Glossy, matte, metallic,
    carbon, chrome…

Installation procedure

Top-quality films require professionally trained and certified installers. We do want to stress that regardless of how quality film you may decide to buy, the final effect will not be satisfactory unless properly installed.

Black Glass team consists of professionally trained and certified installers. Black Glass detail-attentive technicians are professionally trained in the latest tools and techniques to deliver superior installation and complete satisfaction.

A full car wrap takes 1 day, while the wrapping of selected areas of your car (hood, roof, bumpers, fenders, side-view mirrors, interior) may take up to several hours.

Maintenance of tint films

Tint films require no special maintenance.

The only important consideration is that the windows must not be cleaned 3 days after the installation so that the glue may dry naturally, achieving maximum bonding. Afterwards, you can wash your car as usual, using any type of manual or automated car washing technique.

We would however recommend avoiding automated car washes since they frequently cause film as well as paint damages.

Do not use any kind of polish, wax, nor any strong abrasive products.

Wrapping process

HERE you can see the entire video gallery.