Car wrapping warranty

Car films lifespan is determined by its quality as well as by professional installation standards. It is not always easy for those who are not experienced in this field to assess the quality of a film and its installation at first glance, but the results of low quality production and inadequate installation will quickly become visible.

The film that starts to detach and change color after a while is a mark of bad quality. It is important to select a tint brand known for its quality and long tradition in production, as this will allow you to have confidence in the long life of the chosen tint.

The best films demand the best installers, because even the top quality films will not perform at their best if not properly installed. The authorized service and their certified installers should have, at their disposal, the latest tools and techniques for the film installation according to the highest standards.

For high performance films installed according to professional standards, authorized services will issue a written warranty. Still, the authority issuing the warranty also matters. Check to see the tradition and references of the selected installer issuing that warranty.

Black Glass uses top quality films such as: LLumar, Oracal, Avery, Arlon, Hexis, 3M and Grafityp. These world famous car wrap producers guarantee high quality which implies durability and excellent temperature resistance.

Black Glass issues a written warranty, guaranteeing that the film will not change in appearance or performance over time and that it will not detach. The warranties differ depending on the producer and film type:
  • STANDARD car wraps available in basic colors with glossy or matte finishes have 3 year warranty.
  • PREMIUM car wraps available in various colors and finishes which can be metal, metallic or pearl, have 5 year warranty.
  • LUX car wraps such as carbon, chrome, brushed aluminum or titanium have 5 year warranty.
  • BRANDED printed car wraps have 3 year warranty.
  • Invisible PAINT PROTECTION films have 3, 5 or 10 year warranty depending on the film producer.
  • HEADLIGHT film covers have 1 year warranty if used for tinting or toning, or 3-5 year warranty if used as invisible protection films.