10 reasons for car-films

Technological progress of the production of car-films has greatly improved their features, so that there is a growing need for their use, and we will present the basic ones:

1. Scratch protection:
If you want to protect you new car from damages of everyday driving, paint protection films are the best solution for you. These completely invisible films shield your car from scratches such as those caused by nicks and everyday wear and tear.

2. Renewal of the existing color without painting:
If you love your car and its original paint, and the only thing you want is to refresh it, car wrapping is much more affordable than painting. With car wraps in only one day you can renew the car’s worn-out paint making your car look factory new once again.

3. Car color change:
If you are bored with your car’s existing paint, and wish a new and more interesting one, car wraps will give you endless possibilities of color choice. In addition to that, you may choose among glossy, matte, metal, metallic and pearl finishes.

4. Partial color change:
If you want only minor changes which will make your car more attractive, the best solution for you are car wraps. Partial wrapping including car’s roof or side-mirrors, or even a famous line on your car’s hood will give it a unique and recognizable look.

5. Car branding:
Your car can be your best ad, and car wraps give you endless possibilities for car branding. The branded films used for autographic give you the possibility of custom-made design solutions.

6. Custom car labels:
If you don’t want a full car branding, we can make car labels based on your company’s logo, or some other symbol according to your liking.

7. More luxurious car look:
The unique look of luxurious car wraps may turn your car into a piece of art. Chrome, carbon and brushed aluminum or titanium represent top achievements in auto-film production and certainly cannot go unnoticed.

8. Upgrade your car’s interior:
Car wraps are also successfully used for partial wrapping of cars’ interior. If you want to refresh and upgrade your car’s interior, you can choose a colored car wrap, or some of more luxurious wraps such as carbon car wrap with recognizable 3D texture.

9. Window tinting and heat protection:
If you want privacy, security or simply wish to reduce temperature in your car, window tints are the best solution for you. These films have excellent heat and UV protection. You may choose the tint percentage from completely invisible to slightly and super-dark.

10. Headlight protection, tinting or toning:
If the only thing you want is to protect your headlights, invisible headlight film covers ad the best choice for you. However, if you want to achieve a different look of your headlights, you may like some of the headlight tinting or toning films.

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