New Platinum paint protection film

If you are a perfectionist or you simply love your car, you may want to protect it with the top quality paint protection film.

LLumar® Platinum paint protection film offers the highest protection from car damages. This is an advanced, crystal clear top layer which enhances the performances of your car, making it more resistant to nicks, road dirt, salt and sand.

Platinum film is made by using special Hydrogard™ techonology, which makes this paint protection film much more resistant. The innovative hydrophobe polymer top layer provides an excellent resistance to stains and other types of dirt.

As well as the previous generation of LLumar paint protection films, Platinum film has self-healing mechanism, which means that car scratches will be gone when exposed to sunlight.

Paint protection films work as invisible but protective shield, specially designed to preserve your car’s paint and shine. They are usually installed partially in order to protect the areas of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage such as bumpers, hood, door edges, side-view mirrors, but you can also have a full car wrap.

All LLumar paint protection films are crystal clear, completely invisible, also available in glossy or matte finish, so that they can fit easily in any car color.

Superior Self-Healing mechanism and Hydrogard™ technology enhance performances of LLumar Platinum series to the highest level. That is why they have 10 year warranty.

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